Raymond Cheng Gregory La Blanc Dawn Song Adam Sterling
Raymond Cheng Gregory La Blanc Dawn Song Adam Sterling
Postdoc, EECS Lecturer, Haas Business School Professor, EECS Executive Director, Berkeley Center for Law, Business and the Economy

Teaching Assistant

Howard Wu


Time: Monday 6:00–8:00 pm

Location: TBD

Piazza and Mailing List

To receive announcements on information about the course, including distinguished guest speakers and blockchain-related talks at Berkeley, please sign up for the public mailing list mailing list for future announcements. Some classes will be open to the public and will be announced on this list.

If you are in the course, you may sign up on Piazza and request to join the class-only mailing list.

Course description

Blockchain is one of the most significant technologies to impact law and business in many years. Blockchain is also one of the most interdisciplinary areas, bringing together new questions and opportunities at the intersection of technology, business and law. This course is designed to employ this interdisciplinary nature. We will provide an overview of the technology behind blockchain and explore current and potential real-world applications in technology, business, and law.

Class format and project

This is a lecture, discussion, and project oriented class. Each lecture will focus on one of the topics, including a survey of the state-of-the-art in the area and an in-depth discussion of the topic. Each week, students are expected to complete reading assignments before class and participate actively in class discussion.

Students will also form project groups (6 people per group: 2 from EECS, 2 from Haas, 2 from Boalt) and complete a high-impact class project. The final project/deliverable will be small team presentation on a new application of blockchain (with a legal and business analysis).

Enrollment information

Enrollment is very limited. If you would like to enroll in the class, please follow the instructions below based on your department. Accepted students will be given instructor codes to register for the class. Decisions for admission will be released on a rolling basis. Due to limited space, please apply as soon as possible.

For EECS/Engineering Students: Please fill out this form

For Law Students: Please send to, a copy of your resume and a short comment (2-3 sentences) on why you are interested in the course.

For Business Students: Please follow the department bidding process.

Additional Notes

For students who need computing resources for the class project, we recommend you to look into AWS educate program for students. You’ll get 100 dollar’s worth of sign up credit. Here’s the link.